Friday, September 7, 2012

And.... we're back :)


Okay it has been over a year. I have been meaning to do updates and be interesting and all that for months now. But the idea of all the time and typing it would take to update what has happened in a year was quite discouraging. So rather than try to be comprehensive... I will go for short and to the point with the aim of getting this blog back up and GOING!

- Our second daughter was born in January. She is the most amazing, mellow, sweetest baby. We adore her. Her sister adores her. Our family is perfect :)
- A is about to turn THREE. How has time flown so fast?
- I am to finish my dissertation by next summer. Insert panic here.
- I learned to knit last month!
- I have been crocheting like a madwoman. No matter how many things I finish, my list seems to never get shorter. Instead, it seems to always get longer. how does that work?
- We have started our Fall Fun activities and went apple picking yesterday (see delicious pie above)
- Our cat Thistle was lost for four days but has been found, thankfully!
- We are going camping soon!

Since this is short, feel free to just add in all the details and fun-ness that went on for each part :)

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