Monday, August 15, 2011

Moon, Stars, Space, Oh My!

We have officially started our star-theme! Well stars, planets, the moon - pretty much everything in the night sky (even when it's not night and we can't see them :))

Not much of a closure to our ocean theme or much of a tada welcome to our space/night sky theme. but alas, life is often rushed, chaotic, and all over the place so it's fitting :) We did hang up A's posters of planets in the solar system, so I guess that is a good way we kicked it off. I got the posters many months ago planning to do something with a space theme, but we had not yet started monthly themes. I'm glad to finally have them up on the wall!

So still no pictures, but I will do a picture spam post soon!

another big reason I'm blogging tonight - tomorrow we have our ultrasound to find out whether Baby#2 (who sorely needs a nickname lol) is a boy or a girl. So it's kind of neat to post on the eve of finding out, even if I'm not rambling about Baby #2 :)

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