Saturday, September 15, 2012

Consignment store and 108 degree slippers

Less than 36 hours til we'll be on the road headed up to the Sequoias.

I took out A's old clothes yesterday to make sure the baby would be well outfitted while up there. She's outgrowing 6-9 by length, so into 12 month we go!

Only to find that A's 12 month clothes were comprised mostly of shorts... hm. That won't really do for an altitude of 6500 or so.

So the girls and I headed to the consignment store to do some shopping. Fortunately they're well stocked in winter gear (which always strikes me as so weird considering we live in SD - where are all these snowsuit-outfitted kids to sell clothes to the store??) and nobody's really started shopping for them yet. So we had a great selection. I picked up three fleece sleepers, one fleece outfit, several long sleeve shirts (at 0.99 each), several short sleeved onesies, a few fleece pants, a couple corduroy pants, and a nice fleece zip up jacket.  Then I added in two pairs of pants for A, one of which is lined (score!)

Clothes-wise, the girls are set!

We have been in a heat wave though and the car's temperature reading had climbed to 108 degrees by the time we hit the consignment store. I was so not in the mood to be sorting through fleece clothes in that kind of weather!

Photo: Dear san diego: this is hot for you. We'll be in our car with the a/c, kthx
(note how sitting in the parking lot and enjoying the a/c destroyed my mpg!)

We did a playdate with A's friend and then we headed home, did our evening routine, and into bed they went. 

The downside of the weather, though, is that I have really not been feeling the crochet motivation I need. It's hard to work with wool-blend yarns to make thick slippers and mittens when you're sweating!

I did finish one of E's slippers - after many days of fussing over which pattern to use and starting/stopping three of them when I decided I didn't like how they were coming out. Lots of wasted hours but I have finally decided which to use (same as A's slippers, just downsized). now to crank them out!

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