Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sequoia Gear

Today, Baby E celebrated being eight months old! Time is flying. I think it goes on fast forward after the first baby is born, but then it just gets exponentially faster when the second is born.

We went to a new park today, and the girls both really enjoyed it. I was driving with them and decided to just look up parks in the GPS and found so many around us that I had never heard of. This might encourage some exploring :)

I started up A's slippers for the Sequoias today. When we camped there in 2010, it got into the 20s at night and well, it was rather hard to leave the tent in the morning in such temperatures! So my goal this time around is to crochet and knit up a few things to help us keep toasty. I splurged and purchased some Cascade Pacific yarn at the local yarn store - which I had never been to before! It is 40% wool and so soft. I made both girls hats that turned out great. I may become addicted to this yarn for the more special things I make for kids. Wool, soft, and washable!

I made E some booties in cotton and plan to make her some more in wool. The temperatures got up into the 60s during the day so layering is a must.  But I'd like to have two sets anyway for when one needs to get washed. 

I've started A's mittens - they are knit, and since knitting is slower and I am so new they are taking much longer than if I'd crocheted them. But they look so very nice when done! I have one mitten finished and need to do the other. 

So 7 days to finish some wool booties, mittens for E, and the second mitten for A. I'm running out of time fast!


  1. Love the models! You will totally knock out those projects!
    love seeing more current entries!!

  2. I only fell off the wagon for about... a year lol