Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Felt Halloween wall decoration

Lots to update! But a short one first.

We made a felt Halloween wall decoration today! Blue was sick this morning and couldn't go to school, so she and Baby Bear helped me find clip art images online and cut them out.  You can find a ton of great images by just Google searching what you need and adding the word "outline" or "silhouette." I.e. "ghost outline"

Print out the clip art,  pin to the felt, then cut out :)

The felt I used was a mixture of the cheap sheets you can find at Walmart or any craft store as well as the more high quality felt you buy on the  bolt (thicker than the kind you buy in small squares). We had a lot left over from other projects so this project was free for us but would probably average a few dollars if you had to buy everything.

And please excuse my sloppy backdrop :)

Baby Bear's preschool class usually has some kind of felt wall, so this is normal for her. But Blue is loving being able to decorate and move stuff around. She loves that the "spooky house" windows can even moved.