Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cranes and Zucchini

No they don't really go together :)

OshKosh sponsored a big donation event called Cranes for Kids. For four weeks, they would donate a piece of clothing to Japan for each paper crane that was brought in. So, I headed up to the OshKosh outlet store in Carlsbad with A and we attempted to fold our first paper cranes. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, and A wound up eating her paper out of boredom. But we did succeed!

That night, we made more cranes with daddy to take pictures of and post to the OshKosh facebook page. Those cranes came out much better. A helped color on the paper before we folded the up :)

We have done other art projects, including coloring ducks and flowers. We finished up our month of Spring themed activities with one last big project - painting the frog we made from air dry clay. Okay, mostly I made it and A poked at it. She did all the painting though :)

Our next theme, for May, is gardens! So we are looking forward to seeing different types of gardens, working on our own garden, and doing lots of art and cooking related to gardens :)

We have also started some cooking adventures. A loves helping us cook, and I found a really cute book called Cook It in a Cup! It is a kid cookbook aimed at older kids, but I figured A would have a great time assisting with it :) To my happy surprise, the book came with six silicone muffin cups too! I also picked up a dozen at Michael's awhile ago using my 50% off coupon. So what a fun and delicious new activity to put them to use.

I used to make a ton of mini-meals for A using cupcake tins and cups, and would then freeze them for quick and easy snacks. Things like mini-shepherd's pie, pastas, mini-muffins, etc. But I fell out of practice, so this will also help motivate me to get back into that!

Tonight we made zucchini and corn melange. It's still in the oven so I can't comment on its taste quite yet, but it looks delicious! And although this wasn't done on purpose, it also happens to fit in with our garden theme :) One of A's favorite plants that we have going in our balcony garden happens to be zucchini!