Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So a second post because this one will be a big pic bomb :)

Yesterday, we spent an hour outside playing with the girls. It started with Blue riding her Strider (balance bike) and showing us how good she's getting at it. She's preferred her tricycle for most things, but the last few times we've taken her to ride something she's requested the Strider. And now that she's getting better at it, she's really preferring it! Baby Bear sat with me and played with textured balls while we watched Blue.

But as the sun started going down, we spotted the leaf pile on one of the lawns. San Diego doesn't really get a colorful fall, but our complex was awesome in planning the feel of the community and planted many trees that would still give us a feeling of fall. We get a few weeks (or maybe even over a month) of leaves falling. And if it's been awhile since the lawnmowers went over the grass, we can actually scoop them up into piles. We watched neighbor kids do this the other day, using a frisbee as their "rake," and their leaf pile was still there.

So how could we resist letting our San Diego girls have some true fall fun of rolling in leaves?

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